Requests for Last Pass: G to H

The non-perspicacious should note that as of this week I've moved to a new sample-and-archive one-two punch in an effort to get through each month without exceeding my bandwidth allotment. Note too that I'm only posting 7"s this round, so album requests will not be honoured. Please post relevant new or repost requests for G and H bands here. And if you can handily control the universe or at least your interpretations of events therein, then a happy new year you shall know.

Erectus Monotone - Cathode Gumshoe 7" EP

Early 5-song EP from short-lived cool-named avant-garde indie-rock band from Chapel Hill, NC. Released in 1991 on Merge Records. Not the highest batting average in the league, but when they hit full swing, they really belted it out of the park. And I don't enjoy baseball.

Sample mp3: Erectus Monotone - Old New
Entire EP:

Eric's Trip - The Gordon Street Haunting 7" EP

Sadly, Elevator's website is down, making me wonder if Rick White and his Canadian Crue's wonderful ouvre has finally reached the ground floor. Hope not. [Sic] title aside, here's a great song from a truly haunting EP, released on Sub Pop in 1994.

Sample mp3: Eric's Trip - Your Always Right
Entire EP:

Flying Saucer Attack - 7"s Part 1

The first time I played an FSA 7" my eyes bulged, my mouth fell open, my eyebrow(s) raised, and an imbecilic smile spread across my face. Revolutionary. Noisy. And just fucking cool. I was an instant FSA junkie, chomping at the bit to buy any and every skronky hiccup they stamped into a puck of vinyl. I have mixed feelings about passing my FSA habit on to you. Some of the addictive effect is probably lost when one simply downloads their songs en masse from a digital archive. To compensate, I will post half of their singles now and half next round. This round you can download 1992's Soaring High/Standing Stone (VHF Records re-issue), 1993's Wish/Oceans (FSA self-released), 1994's Crystal Shade/Distance (FSA self-released), and 1994's Land Beyond The Sun/Everywhere Was Everything (Drag City Records).

Sample mp3: Flying Saucer Attack - Standing Stone
Sample mp3: Flying Saucer Attack - Everywhere Was Everything
All 4 7"s here:

Fudge - Bomb Pop 7" EP

This EP isn't as tasty as the Twitch Hazel/Technical Jed double 7"; it gets a bit sweet and drippy at times. But it's still a nice indie-pop treat. Released on Richmond, VA's Brilliant Records in 1992.

Sample mp3: Fudge - Oreo Dust
Entire EP:

Requests for Last Pass: E to F

I didn't have any tenacious D bands left, and my Haunted Sausage 7" needed to come out this week. Next week will be the official last pass for E bands, and possibly for F bands too, so please post your new or repost requests here. I'm not wishing you a merry dealy neither. You'll either have one or you won't but there's no use prognosticating about it.

Evil Wiener - Happy Holidays 7"

I'm going to pull a quick queue coup to post the same damn xmas 7" I posted last year. Evil Wiener released this gem sometime in the early 1990s on Flavor Contra, based out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. There are not many festive songs I can submit my egg noggin to more than once, but here are three exceptions.

Side A mp3: Evil Wiener - Secret Santa
Side B mp3: Evil Wiener - Mistletoe Head
Side B mp3: Evil Wiener - All Around The World

The Cannanes - Stumpvision 7"

I'm unsure what Stumpvision is. There's perhaps a subtle hint embedded in the otherwise transparently coherent cover illustration. But I'm quite sure that Australia's The Cannanes have released some truly great records, including this one on Ajax Records from 1992.

Side A mp3: The Cannanes - Passionfruit
Side B mp3: The Cannanes - Another Fight
Side B mp3: The Cannanes - Singing to Satellites

Codeine - Tom/Something New 7"

If you thought I ripped Bedhead at the wrong speed, you're in for a superslowdive with the apt-apt-aptly named Codeine. Languidity incarnate. Just try to keep your head out of the oven, turkey. Sub Pop release from 1993.

Side A mp3: Codeine - Tom
Side B mp3: Codeine - Something New

Crescent - Lost/360 7"

Crescent sound like unchecked persecutional delusional thinking, acute gastro-intestinal trauma, and a 50/50 mix of boredom and anger. Perfect for the xmas season! Urban psychedelia from the best new band on nonplanet Pluto, released on Planet Records in 1993.

Side A mp3: Crescent - Lost
Side B mp3: Crescent - 360 degrees

Requests for Last Pass: C to D

YSKOD turned 1 today...and we ran out of bandwidth again (it should reset on Dec 19). Thanks for helping to run us into the ground. One-hundred twenty nine posts and nearly 12,000 visits in, YSKOD remains suitably obscure but busy enough to keep me flattered and motivated.

The last pass for C and D bands is coming up...please post your new or repost requests here.

Bedhead - The Rest of the Day/I'm Not Here 7"

If you can ignore the frying egg sounds (particularly in the first 26 seconds), you'll hear yourself a tasty dollop of indie rock here. Nice B-band B-side that I'd forgotten about, perhaps because the A-side was released on their 1996 album Beheaded (hence I didn't rip it, hence it doesn't appear here). This 7" was released in 1993 on Direct Hit Records. I miss this band; I miss this sound. There's little middle ground between indie pop and epic indie rock these days. What ever happened to understatement?

Side B mp3: Bedhead - I'm Not Here

Belreve - Nothing/The Sky Is Falling 7"

It must have been strange being in a band from Dayton, Ohio in the early 90s: Being labelmates with Guided By Voices, The Band Least Likely To, who nonetheless, somehow, were (and deservingly so). Belreve's lo-ish-fi indie rock is just as scratchy n' catchy in many ways, but you could probably find this 7" in a shop for 16 cents, versus a second mortgage for Fast Japanese Spin Cycle (okay, now I know what happened to understatement: I killed it). Anyhow, here's their 1993 release on Anyway.

Side A mp3: Belreve - Nothing
Side B mp3: Belreve - The Sky Is Falling

Just in case you are still doubting, Thomas, here is Belreve's contribution to a split 7" with GBV that was also released on Anyway in 1994. GBV's "Always Crush Me" made this record collectible (it's on Alien Lanes eh), but Belreve's contribution is the real A-side here.

Side B mp3: Belreve - The Sulk King

Boyracer/The Ropers and Boyracer/Sabine 7"s

Put the bongs and leather away. Dig the new breed. I am the God of Hellfire, and I bring you....BOYRACER!

Two great songs grace 1994's I Wish I Was A Slumberland Record #5:
Side A mp3: Boyracer - One Step Forward (Even As We Speak cover)
Side B mp3: The Ropers - Pretty Quiet

From the Wurlitzer Jukebox flexi released late 1993 or early 1994, featuring Boyracer's first-ever recording from 1991, and Sabine's absolutely stunning spacerock debut:
Side A mp3: Boyracer - Boyracer
Side B mp3: Sabine - Painting Portraits

These two records still give me shivers.

Brian Jonestown Massacre - She Made Me/Evergreen 7"

One more debut to end the Bs: The imitable/imitabling Massacre. I prefer these stripped down versions to the fully gazed versions on Methodrone. Quenching like kool-aid sans spike. Released in 1992, when Bomp! and Tangible were still getting along like houses on fire.

Side A mp3: The Brian Jonestown Massacre - She Made Me (7" version)
Side B mp3: The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Evergreen (7" version)

Acid - Never, Ever/Thoughts of You 7"

A note: Blogs and alphabets don't mix well. We read blogs top down, but posts are created bottom up. Therefore, to have the A-bands listed in alphabetical order, I have to create the last post first and the first post last, then go back in and fill in the blather so there's a flow to the week's blather. In theory. In practice blather is pretty much non-linear. However, in changing my posting practice to cure the within-week issue I've created a between-week issue: Now the alphabet will be out of sync when we get to the B-bands next week. Thankfully it doesn't matter Whit the First, but Dear Reader, I just wanted to let you know: I tried.

B note: Thanks for all the requests! I don't have most of the stuff you've requested! You're all making my discography look bad! I spent all my money on records, but the Canadian dollar was not as mighty then as it is now so all my money didn't buy me everything I wanted (it was worth about 75 US cents in the mid-90s; it's now worth more than a US dollar thanks to George W. Bush's unrelenting War on Logic). Plus, there was a lot of damn fine music I never found out about because I was on my own Indie Adventure. I didn't know a single person who listened to indie pop/rock. So I would mail order a record, it would come with a catalog for other records, so I'd order some of those records, they would come with catalogs, so I'd order some of those records. My discography thus grew in an organic but random way. I suppose I could have read more zines and made more informed choices. But then my discography wouldn't be any different than yours and you'd have all these damned records and you wouldn't be reading this rather unnecessary post. You'd have tracked down that elusive Bunnycraft/Tullygrunt 8" half-sided flexidisc by now. The good news is that your requests give us all some new ideas for good bands/records we may have missed out on, and we will be more likely to check those bands out when we stumble across them in record shops and on blogs.

Somewhere on YSKOD I've posted a comment that contained a link to an archive containing all six 7"s from the wonderful Tangible Box Set released by Tangible Records and Bomp! Records in 1993. Who knows where. I've also posted some of the individual 7"s before: here and here and here and here. The link's probably in there somewhere. So I'm all hyperboled out about this series, especially after my indulgent blathering above. But dudes, this 7" is worth hearing, especially for fans of Brian Jonestown Massacre, because Acid is a one-off project--a pair of demos, you Dig!--by Anton Newcombe and Travis Threlkel (who designed the box and record covers).

Side A mp3: Acid - Never, Ever
Side B mp3: Acid - Thoughts of You

Air Miami - Airplane Rider/Stop Sign 7"

This Air Miami 7" was the first thing I converted to mp3 and posted on YSKOD nearly a year ago. I reconverted it today, to see if a year's practice and updated Audacity software makes any difference. It makes a little difference, but not enough to warrant re-converting the 819 songs I've converted to date. Thank Bloody God. This repost was requested, and last time I skipped the B-side, so here are both songs in freshly converted form. Jovial, convivial indie pop from Mark Robinson et al., released on his Teenbeat Records label back in 1994.

Side A mp3: Air Miami - Airplane Rider
Side B mp3: Air Miami - Stop Sign

Asha Vida/Godzuki 7"

This was the only other A-band request I could fill. I previously posted Asha Vida's Eskimo Summer 7", so this round I thought I'd post their split 7" with Godzuki, released on Binausic Records in 1994. It was limited to 1,000 copies. With downloads from YSKOD, it will now reach an additional 10 people. That's a 1% increase! This Asha Vida song is a bit too eerie for me (it gives me Fuxa flashbacks), but Godzuki's song's fangs drip with a poppy distortion I can really bite into.

Side A mp3: Asha Vida - Pinion
Side B mp3: Godzuki - 12 Inch Dance Mix

Aurora Paralysis/Eggs 7"

Saltpeter and Landspeed Records co-released this 7" in 1993. Kind of an unlikely couple. Aurora Paralysis are serious and folky, whereas Eggs are fun-loving and yolky. Ew, that's bad. But both songs are good. Speaking of eggs, my wife and I are about to make an omelet with avocado and swiss cheese so I will keep this post short cos I am famished. B-bands next week!

Side A mp3: Aurora Paralysis - Borrow My Body

Side B mp3: Eggs - The Obliviist