Reverb - Aftertouch

Resist the broken record pun. Resist the broken record pun.

I keep coming back to the Tangible Box Set for my posts. This isn't surprising, because when I bought my USB turntable, I was most excited about converting just this type o'stuff. So here's yet another bringing-into-contact for you, this time from Reverb, a one-off side project featuring Anton Newcombe of Brian Jonestown Massacre...

Here's some knowledge from the BJM discography on Wikipedia:
"In 1993 Bomp! Records and Tangible Records coreleased a boxed-set of 6 singles, each by a different San Francisco "psych" band. The bands were apparently handpicked by Anton Newcombe himself, and it is rumored that he also produced the music. Besides the Brian Jonestown Massacre, the bands include Orange, Nebtwister, and Hollowbody. The other two singles (as credited to Acid and Reverb) are 4-track demos by Newcombe and Travis Threlkel (who designed the box-cover and record sleeves)."

Side A - Reverb - Aftertouch [4 stars mp3]

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Anonymous said...

Awesome that you're keeping up with all this. Turns out though that REVERB was Travis Threlkel and Geoffrey Bankowski, then in Hollowbody and now recording as Good and Angry in New York. Anton Newcombe was not invloved in REVERB but did bring the box set project together.