Requests for Last Passsssssssssssss

I may repoSt the few SongS I have on vinyl by The RoperS next week if anyone requestS them, but otherwiSe we'll be in Deep S for at leaSt two weekS I figure. RequeStS?

Purple Ivy Shadows - All 3 of their 7"s

Though they've been releasing well-received records since 1993, here's a band who've managed to remain enigmatic and encapsulated within the Purple Ivy Shadows of their own making (here's a link to one of their unmaintained/expired web pages). This Providence, Rhode Island collective straddled too many pigeonholes to find themselves bathed in any limelight. After all, how many shoegazey indie pop/rock/jazz alt-country bands do YOU know...and like? You can hear them metamorphosize from one mysterious genre to another across their three 7" singles: 1993's E.P. on My Pal God (less the jazzy song "e.h."), 1994's Circle Eye/Psychic Baby on Spin Art, and 1996's Feeble/Substance on Zero Hour. Their EPs and albums are also worth seeking out.

Sample mp3: Purple Ivy Shadows - Cascade

Sample mp3: Purple Ivy Shadows - Circle Eye

Sample mp3: Purple Ivy Shadows - Feeble

Download all three 7"s here:

Neutral Milk Hotel - Everything Is/Snow Song Pt. 1 7"

Drunken interviewer: Who are you?
Boy: A member of Kiss, or a punk rocker.
Drunken interviewer: What were you?
Boy: Which is kinda funny...yeah, I would dress up as a...punk rocker, but when I was, um, little...
Drunken interviewer: So what'd you do when you became a punk rocker?
Boy: A white trash band [laughs]

And then...a drumstick four count and one of the best fuzzy guitar riffs you are likely ever to hear kicks in. Don't you dare miss this glorious 1994 single on Cher Doll. The archive also contains two other early/rare NMH tracks: the mighty 7" version of "Up and Over We Go" from 1993's The Amazing Phantom Third Channel 7" Compilation, also on Cher Doll; and the yelpy "Ruddy Bulbs" from 1993's Those Pre-Phylloxera Years Compilation 7" on Box Dog Sound.

Sample mp3: Neutral Milk Hotel - Everything Is
Download all 4 songs here:

Mosaic Eyes/Les Autres/Antiseptic Beauty - Contrast Split Single Club 7"

And Les Autres. And Antiseptic Beauty. All on one "regard de chaussure Francais" single from 1993 on Contrast. Another single-of-the-month club that quickly fizzled out. As Mosaic Eyes' contribution is the weakest of the lot, I've posted the Les Autres song instead, happily adjacent to the Ls. Ah!

Sample mp3: Les Autres - Dream of a Submissive Woman
Download all 3 songs here:

Lambchop/Spent 5"

Damn that i-Sore Records 5" record-of-the-month club. Paid for 12, only received the first 2. Still, it gave me the only pair of mega-wee records to be found in the whole damn discography. Lambchop rocks it a bit more than usual and to good effect, and Spent drops a peppy little indie popper.

Side A mp3: Lambchop - Scared Out Of My Shoes
Side B mp3: Spent - DressDownDay

Lilys - Returns Every Morning/Touch the Water 7"

This terrific indie pop single came out on the UK's Che Records in 1996. I cherish everything Lilys released up to and including this and their other 1996 single, Which Studies The Past?, which I posted here last round. After these singles the Lilys got a bit spotty for me. Hmm. I also stopped buying vinyl around 1997...coincidence?

Side A mp3: Lilys - Returns Every Morning
Side B mp3: Lilys - Touch the Water

Lorelei - The Bitter Air 7" EP

Here's hoping the third time is the charm for posting this oft-requested EP! To celebrate this hat trick, I've re-ripped all 3 songs (these rips are better) and made them available for download in a handy-dandy archive. Beautiful debut indie pop single released on Slumberland Records in 1991.


Requests for Last Pass: L and M

K is depleted, so let's try L and M bands next week. Requests for new old stuff or reposts of old old stuff are welcomed. Speaking of depleted, so's the width of my band, but fear not for in 5 days it will be ripe for pillage.

Jupiter Sun - Jupiter Sun 12" EP

As requested/predicted, here's the entire self-titled 5-song 1-sided 12" EP that I posted from on YSKOD back here. A nice serving of carbonated jangle pop released on I Wish I Was A Slumberland Record in 1994. Try not to be discouraged by the laughingly bad song title.

Sample mp3: Jupiter Sun - Violet Intertwine
Download all 5 songs here:

Idaho - Bayonet 10" EP

Here's an appealing 10" EP from Idaho released on Fingerpaint Records in 1995. Four traditional Idaho rockers, plus three strangely haunting atmospheric "segues" that are throwaways worth keeping. "Juke Box" is the last song you'll want to hear before you pass out after a night imbibing your choice elixir. Warranting of a locked groove.

Sample mp3: Idaho - The Worm
Download all 7 songs here:

Requests for Last Pass: I to J

If you have any requests for I or J bands for next week, please post them here. Thanks for all the nice comments and requests of late.

Henry's Dress/Flake 7"

Breakneck split 7" released on Omnibus Speedway Records in 1995. Y'all know nuff bout the Dress, but be sure to check out Fluke's Superchunked Butterglory too.

Side A mp3: Henry's Dress - All This Time For Nothing
Side B mp3: Flake - Deluca
Save me a shred o'bandwidth by downloading both songs here:

Guided By Voices/The Grifters 7"

Four short snappers from GBV (Hey, Mr. Soundman; Announcers & Umpires; Evil Speaker B; Uncle Dave) and one potent potable from The Grifters (I'm Drunk) constitute this split 7" released on Chapel Hill's The Now Sound label in 1994. Is it just me, or does "Uncle Dave" sound exactly like another vintage GBV song?

Sample mp3: Guided By Voices - Hey, Mr. Soundman
Sample mp3: The Grifters - I'm Drunk
Download all 5 songs here: