Acid - Never, Ever/Thoughts of You 7"

A note: Blogs and alphabets don't mix well. We read blogs top down, but posts are created bottom up. Therefore, to have the A-bands listed in alphabetical order, I have to create the last post first and the first post last, then go back in and fill in the blather so there's a flow to the week's blather. In theory. In practice blather is pretty much non-linear. However, in changing my posting practice to cure the within-week issue I've created a between-week issue: Now the alphabet will be out of sync when we get to the B-bands next week. Thankfully it doesn't matter Whit the First, but Dear Reader, I just wanted to let you know: I tried.

B note: Thanks for all the requests! I don't have most of the stuff you've requested! You're all making my discography look bad! I spent all my money on records, but the Canadian dollar was not as mighty then as it is now so all my money didn't buy me everything I wanted (it was worth about 75 US cents in the mid-90s; it's now worth more than a US dollar thanks to George W. Bush's unrelenting War on Logic). Plus, there was a lot of damn fine music I never found out about because I was on my own Indie Adventure. I didn't know a single person who listened to indie pop/rock. So I would mail order a record, it would come with a catalog for other records, so I'd order some of those records, they would come with catalogs, so I'd order some of those records. My discography thus grew in an organic but random way. I suppose I could have read more zines and made more informed choices. But then my discography wouldn't be any different than yours and you'd have all these damned records and you wouldn't be reading this rather unnecessary post. You'd have tracked down that elusive Bunnycraft/Tullygrunt 8" half-sided flexidisc by now. The good news is that your requests give us all some new ideas for good bands/records we may have missed out on, and we will be more likely to check those bands out when we stumble across them in record shops and on blogs.

Somewhere on YSKOD I've posted a comment that contained a link to an archive containing all six 7"s from the wonderful Tangible Box Set released by Tangible Records and Bomp! Records in 1993. Who knows where. I've also posted some of the individual 7"s before: here and here and here and here. The link's probably in there somewhere. So I'm all hyperboled out about this series, especially after my indulgent blathering above. But dudes, this 7" is worth hearing, especially for fans of Brian Jonestown Massacre, because Acid is a one-off project--a pair of demos, you Dig!--by Anton Newcombe and Travis Threlkel (who designed the box and record covers).

Side A mp3: Acid - Never, Ever
Side B mp3: Acid - Thoughts of You

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