Flying Saucer Attack - 7"s Part 1

The first time I played an FSA 7" my eyes bulged, my mouth fell open, my eyebrow(s) raised, and an imbecilic smile spread across my face. Revolutionary. Noisy. And just fucking cool. I was an instant FSA junkie, chomping at the bit to buy any and every skronky hiccup they stamped into a puck of vinyl. I have mixed feelings about passing my FSA habit on to you. Some of the addictive effect is probably lost when one simply downloads their songs en masse from a digital archive. To compensate, I will post half of their singles now and half next round. This round you can download 1992's Soaring High/Standing Stone (VHF Records re-issue), 1993's Wish/Oceans (FSA self-released), 1994's Crystal Shade/Distance (FSA self-released), and 1994's Land Beyond The Sun/Everywhere Was Everything (Drag City Records).

Sample mp3: Flying Saucer Attack - Standing Stone
Sample mp3: Flying Saucer Attack - Everywhere Was Everything
All 4 7"s here:


chnkltgy said...

Genius post. Thanks!

The Gosub Routine said...

I totally agree,

I have been after 'land beyond the sun' for 12 yeras (since hearing it on John Peel's show).

A classic post, many thanks.

harold hollingsworth said...

loved FSA
was likened to hearing the Jesus and Mary Chain for the first time, brilliant!

abbatazappa said...

Can't get past the "My Choice Rewards" page to download any of the new stuff :( This zshare stuff looks kinda iffy to me.

abbatazappa said...

OK...takes some fast clicking through 2 links to avoid that nasty My Choice Rewards page. This was not immediately obvious to me, but success at last. :)

polyluna said...

many thanks for your post...
FSA is/were incredible!!!!
by the way... if you like FSA it is very probably you could like my 90's band Avalonia or another band I had in 2005, The Electric Butterflies... check them out!



Fat Reg said...

zshare just sucks - an endless loop of "Click here to start your download" followed by "The download link will appear in 20 seconds". Any chance of uploading to a better file service (eg Mediafire)?

Anonymous said...

same problem as Fat Reg. :-( these 7 inchers would be nice. so rare. i have pretty much all their other releases.