Eric's Trip - The Gordon Street Haunting 7" EP

Sadly, Elevator's website is down, making me wonder if Rick White and his Canadian Crue's wonderful ouvre has finally reached the ground floor. Hope not. [Sic] title aside, here's a great song from a truly haunting EP, released on Sub Pop in 1994.

Sample mp3: Eric's Trip - Your Always Right
Entire EP:


The Gosub Routine said...

Nice one!

I used to really like this band.

I remember 'Love Tara' LP very well.

rgoghst said...

I really dig this, do you have anything else by them? I can't seem to find much online.

Nov said...

One of best bands ever!
Didn't knew this EP. Great work.

Anonymous said...

hi for some reason the zshare link just keeps resetting itself? can you repost this? thanks so much either way!