Orange - Feijoa

It would be easy to suggest that Orange's "Feijoa" sounds a lot like the Cocteau Twins. Hmm. That WAS easy. My laziness aside, the song has a lovely post-coital winter-through-the-windowpane to it. Does it? Hmm. Maybe it does. This is anudderone from the Tangible Box Set released in 1993.

Side B - Orange - Feijoa [4 stars mp3]


Chris said...

This song is absolutely amazing, I've been listening to it nonstop for the past hour or so.

I can't find any information about the band on the internet, though. Could you give me a little more information about them?

Anonymous said...

Glad you like the song, Chris. I'm afraid I don't know much of anything about the band. The "Brian Jonestown Blotter" newsletter included with the box set includes only two sentences about them:

"The sound of Orange is a melodic deamscape in which the rich evocative tone-poems of singer Sonja float like renegage weather balloons. Orange's sound is distinctive, combining darkly romantic vocals and swirling guitars to create a liquis hallucinatory effect."

They seem to have released an album as well, but I can't find out anything beyond the cover and song list, see here:

Orange - Orange

Seahorse (04:13)
Starwheel (03:23)
Hindenburg (04:32)
Feijoa (04:59)
Swim (03:42)
Heather (04:22)
Daisy (04:38)
Blue Budd (04:20)
Against Nature (05:34)
Total playing time: 39:47

The A-side of the 7" is "Starwheel".

The official release on Tangible/Bomp! is:

If anyone out there can help Chris, please do.