Asha Vida/Godzuki 7"

This was the only other A-band request I could fill. I previously posted Asha Vida's Eskimo Summer 7", so this round I thought I'd post their split 7" with Godzuki, released on Binausic Records in 1994. It was limited to 1,000 copies. With downloads from YSKOD, it will now reach an additional 10 people. That's a 1% increase! This Asha Vida song is a bit too eerie for me (it gives me Fuxa flashbacks), but Godzuki's song's fangs drip with a poppy distortion I can really bite into.

Side A mp3: Asha Vida - Pinion
Side B mp3: Godzuki - 12 Inch Dance Mix

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pla said...

I think this is pretty much the best thing Godzuki ever recorded. They recorded many other versions of this song, but this one's the best of them.