you shall request our discography

Here we are, at the end of the alphabet, dangling. I'd like to thank all the folks who have stopped by YSKOD, particularly those who shared comments. We're sitting at 70 posts. Not enough to truly know our discography, but enough to know whether you want to know more of it. So, do ya punk? If you want more, do me a favour and post a brief comment here letting me know which posts/bands you've liked best so far and what requests you have. If it looks like another trip down discography lane is warranted, then down it we shall know.

Young Love - The Sun

In the absence of X and Z bands, we shall end on a Y note...why not. Young Love contributed this instrumental to a split 7" with Aurora Paralysis that was released on Assembly Records in 1992. As far as I know, this is the only song they managed to share with the world. So I'm, erm, sharing it back. Nothing much happens for the first buck fifty, but thereafter it turns into a nice bit of Bedheaded Codeine. It sounds more like a sunrise than the sun to me, so they missed their one shot at song name aptness, the poor sods.

Side B - Young Love - The Sun [3 stars mp3]

Windy & Carl - Program (Silver Apples cover)

In 1995, UK-based Enraptured Records released 1,000 copies of a 10" tribute to the Silver Apples, featuring songs by Windy & Carl, Scaredycat, Third Eye Foundation, Flowchart, and Sabine. It was later re-released on CD but I'm sure even the CDs are scarce as hen's teeth now. It's a great record. Here's the spooky FSA-like opener.

Side A - Windy & Carl - Program (Silver Apples cover) [4 stars mp3]

Whorl - Maybe It's Better

Whorl released two singles on Slumberland and a compilation track on SpinArt's One Last Kiss Compilation CD before folding. Their first single, Mind Revolution/Stupid Shit, is perhaps the least Slumberland Recordsy record you're likely to hear. It's Orifice meets Godflesh. It's great. Their second single, Christmas/Maybe It's Better, is much more of an indie pop affair. I wouldn't trade either, except maybe for a little more, but by far my favourite song is the last of these four. It sounds like someone peeled off the layers of mars bars from a Flying Saucer Attack song to reveal a perfect little pop confection. And you can't go wrong with the Wedding Presenty chorus, which takes its sweet time to melt in your ears.

Side B - Whorl - Maybe It's Better [5 stars mp3]

White Come Come - The Broken Bird E.P.

Damn damn damn I love this Japanese shoegaze band's Broken Bird 12" EP, released on Sugarfrost in 1992. The band regards its footwear comfortably alongside My Bloody Valentine or In-the-presence-of-nothing-era Lilys. I regret that I couldn't coax sibilant-free versions from my turntable, but these recordings should still bring some boom to your room. Here are my two favourite songs from the four on the EP: Rise and Sink. Listen to them back to back and you get Swoon.

Side A - White Come Come - Rise [4 stars mp3]

Side B - White Come Come - Sink [5 stars mp3]