Requests for Last Pass: G to H

The non-perspicacious should note that as of this week I've moved to a new sample-and-archive one-two punch in an effort to get through each month without exceeding my bandwidth allotment. Note too that I'm only posting 7"s this round, so album requests will not be honoured. Please post relevant new or repost requests for G and H bands here. And if you can handily control the universe or at least your interpretations of events therein, then a happy new year you shall know.


Rob said...

Love to see "Emperor Nick" b/w "Pink Pages" by Good Horsey if you've got it.

Great blog, by the way.

直也 said...

I must request genius from Sarah Label "Golden Dawn"!!!

Anonymous said...

G: Girls at our Best!

H: Helen Love or Holiday Flyer or Hydroplane or ... so many to chose from!

直也 said...

Oh yeah! and HENRY'S DRESS!!! Anyways, a happy new year.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Y.S.K.O.D. [Atom?],
I hope that you have a Happy New Years Eve o8', that you're not too hung-over, and that the year ahead greets you with more prosperity than heartache!!!
Your blog is really good and brings me back to a plethora of music that over the years I've forgotten, someones "borrowed"/stolen or I never had the $ to purchase!!! Frequenting your site over the past few months has inspired me to start my own blog with my old Record Labels releases as well as the more obscure releases in my expansive record collection!!! I can't wait to rediscover my crates of 7"s!!!

Thanks for the inspiration & keep on keeping it ON!!!

Cellular # - 619.852.9320

Anonymous said...

Hood! :D

Man... i just came across your blog now. Nice one. Try to repost some older stuff, please.
The entire album link seems a good idea.

Thx for making me revive these sounds. You're now bookmarked! Beware! :)

Anonymous said...

I wish I'd found this blog much earlier than now; I have many of these 7"s but no time to digitize them. Thanks for taking the time to do it.