Hollowbody - Tangled

Back in 1993, Tangible and Bomp! records co-released an amazing box set of six 7"s by San-Fran-area bands Hollowbody, Orange, Nebtwister, Acid, Brian Jonestown Massacre, and Reverb. Only 500 copies of the box set were made, and mine is #235 (though the 7"s were sold separately too). The box set came with Issue No. 1 of "The Brian Jonestown Blotter", written anonymously in Church-of-the-Subgenius style, which documents the San-Fran music scene from which BJM emerged. Over time, as the alphabet and my discography allow, I will share some of the songs from this box set with you. I'm rather short on H-bands (save for Hood, whom I will save for next round), so here is the A-side of the Hollowbody 7". Fans of BJM and Spacemen 3 need apply.

Side A - Hollowbody - Tangled [4 stars mp3]


heather said...

Hey there, someone (you?) left a comment on my blog pointing the way to this site - thanks! I've enjoyed it. The link at the bottom of your page to "Older posts" is exactly what I've been trying to do forever on my blog but don't know the code. Please help? You can email me at browneheather at gmail.com


Anonymous said...

hi heather...i don't know what i did to get the "older posts" thing to work. i just specified for it to show 15 posts under formatting-->show, and it did the rest. sorry i can't be more helpful. thanks for visiting.


olivia said...

hi! first off, i love this blog.

second off: i have been looking for this specific Hollow Body song for about ten years. That Tangible boxset is so hard to come by. Is there a way i could get that MP3 from you? I almost died tears of joy when I saw this post.\


Anonymous said...

Anyone looking for Hollowbody music should contact Geoffrey Bankowski, singer and songwriter for long defunct Hollowbody. He currently is playing/recording as Good and Angry. Check myspace music.

Best Friend said...
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Best Friend said...

check out the brian jonestown massacre-forum (http://keepmusicevil.freeforums.org), I am pretty sure there are some uploads of it there