Evil Wiener - Happy Holidays 7"

I'm going to pull a quick queue coup to post the same damn xmas 7" I posted last year. Evil Wiener released this gem sometime in the early 1990s on Flavor Contra, based out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. There are not many festive songs I can submit my egg noggin to more than once, but here are three exceptions.

Side A mp3: Evil Wiener - Secret Santa
Side B mp3: Evil Wiener - Mistletoe Head
Side B mp3: Evil Wiener - All Around The World

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Billy Sugarfix said...

Thank you so much for posting our Christmas Record, and also for scanning in the cover!

Believe it or not, Evil Wiener still exists, and we still do an annual Christmas Show that features these three songs.

We're very honored to have been included in your blog. If you have any interest in our other seven inch records, or the CDs we've done please contact me.


Happy Holidays!