Belreve - Nothing/The Sky Is Falling 7"

It must have been strange being in a band from Dayton, Ohio in the early 90s: Being labelmates with Guided By Voices, The Band Least Likely To, who nonetheless, somehow, were (and deservingly so). Belreve's lo-ish-fi indie rock is just as scratchy n' catchy in many ways, but you could probably find this 7" in a shop for 16 cents, versus a second mortgage for Fast Japanese Spin Cycle (okay, now I know what happened to understatement: I killed it). Anyhow, here's their 1993 release on Anyway.

Side A mp3: Belreve - Nothing
Side B mp3: Belreve - The Sky Is Falling

Just in case you are still doubting, Thomas, here is Belreve's contribution to a split 7" with GBV that was also released on Anyway in 1994. GBV's "Always Crush Me" made this record collectible (it's on Alien Lanes eh), but Belreve's contribution is the real A-side here.

Side B mp3: Belreve - The Sulk King

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Anonymous said...

this nothing/the sky is falling 7" is unbelievable!