Requests for Last Pass: C to D

YSKOD turned 1 today...and we ran out of bandwidth again (it should reset on Dec 19). Thanks for helping to run us into the ground. One-hundred twenty nine posts and nearly 12,000 visits in, YSKOD remains suitably obscure but busy enough to keep me flattered and motivated.

The last pass for C and D bands is coming up...please post your new or repost requests here.


Anonymous said...

Any Delgados or Diskothi-Q?

直也 said...

I missed Crayon's Moominland EP last time... and any rare materials of Codeine's??

Anonymous said...

some fantastic 7"'s that would great


cheshire-disregard the hay in my hand

chickweed-perfect day

dolores haze-cool logic cold comfort or state of freak

calamity jane-love song


carnival of souls-real songs

cha cha cohen-sparky's note or post trailer

Matt said...


Anonymous said...

Hello. This blog is very tasty indeed! So much great music! Any chance of being able to re-up the Crescent - Lost/360 7"? Please, please, please, please.. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 'anonymous' above. Would there be any chance of the Crescent 7" being re-upped????

Many thanks from Australia.

Anonymous said...

OK, here are the 2 crescent singles from YSKOD...


Anonymous said...

Hey 'G'.

I just want to say thank you ever-so much for re posting the Crescent 7"'s!! I can't tell you how much joy that has given me - i'll run outta words here!! Suffice to say you had me dancing 'round my living room like an 8 year old at Christmas..

Ah, lets just say you have made my month!!