The End Is Just Another Beginning. It is? Is It?

I've got a few more record singles/EPs left, but not enough to make another round viable. Of course, I also have a few vinyl LPs, some cassette-only stuff I've recently converted to mp3, plus a heap of out-of-print CDs. Will you still visit if I start sharing stuff in all three formats? I'll probably just post archives, not direct mp3 links, cos posting both doubles the timesuck and I can't stay flush with bandwidth anyway (and FileDen are rage inducingly bad communicators). If 26 non-anonymous peeps say yes via comments, then more of the discography shall be gotten to known. I'm willing to keep going for a busload of aficionado semi-strangers.

White Come Come - The Broken Bird 12" EP

Four song Japanese shoegaze masterpiece by the essentially one-off White Come Come, released on Sugarfrost in 1992. Amazingly, you can buy it from tonevendor for very few US dollars if you hurry here. I re-recorded this EP at 33 RPM -10% pitch to lessen the sibilance, and then readjusted the speed in Audacity. And by golly, it nearly worked. Enjoy.

Sample mp3: White Come Come - Sink
Download this EP here:

Whorl - Both Slumberland 7" singles

Whorl weren't exactly prolific. They have at least 3 compilation tracks in addition to the four songs spread across their two Slumberland singles from 1990 and 1992. "Mind Revolution" is pretty darn Godfleshy for Slumberland. "Stupid Shit" seems like a post-Godfleshy band aping The Fall. Both songs are quite good. And then, a mere two years later, Whorl sounds a bit Chapterhousey on "Christmas" and then beats The Fall at their own game with the repetitious and absolutely sublime "Maybe It's Better". An intriguing mystery band.

Sample mp3: Whorl - Stupid Shit

Versus - Bright Light/Forest Fire 7"

Indeed, no conflict in deeming this Versus single rock solid indie rock. A Pop Narcotic single from 1992.

Sample mp3: Versus - Bright Light
Download both songs here:

Veronica Lake - The Man Who Was Not With It 7"

Here's my favourite Veronica Lake single, released on Bus Stop in 1992. Perfect bedroom indie pop that eventually will be ruthlessly employed in a heartwarming teen drama starring Mike Cera if you spread it too far around. I am meaningfully tapping my nose at you.

Sample mp3: Veronica Lake - See Me When You Are 16
Download both songs here:

Unrest - Peel Session 7"

Four Peel Session songs on this bootleg 7" from 1992. Not the preferred spelling of cookies on the cover, but these tasty treats are sure to be crowd pleasers any time of the year.

Sample mp3: Unrest - Miles Davis (Peel Session)
Download all 4 songs here:

Requests for Last Pass: U to Z

Requests from this end of the alphabet?

Tear Jerks - Chances Are 7" EP

The morose Tear Jerks cried up this abject but comforting EP in 1992, via Simple Machines. Yep, these slow songs were recorded at 45 RPM. Perfect antidotes for post-Valentine rejection.

Sample mp3: Tear Jerks - Chances Are
Download all 4 songs here:

The Technical Jed - Kramer's Beach 7"

I rather prefer the Twitch Hazel disc from this two-record set released on Brilliant Records in 1993, but The Technical Jed side may appeal to fans of the Richmond scene, completists who downloaded the TH disc from YSKOD earlier, and perchance you.

Sample mp3: The Technical Jed - What
Download all 6 songs from both records here:

Teenbeat 100 7" Compilation

To mark Teenbeat's 100th release, Mark Robinson released Teenbeat 100, a 7" featuring 10 songs by 10 Teenbeat bands. Each song clocks in around the 1 minute mark. Fun indie pop songs make this more than a merely clever gimmick. Perfect mix tape endings.

Sample mp3: Blast Off Country Style - Wiener Dude Attitude
Sample mp3: Unrest - International Nautical Miles
Sample mp3: Bratmobile - There's No Other Way (Blur cover)
Download all 10 songs here:

Tsunami - Matchbook 7"

It's a giant matchbook! It's a record sleeve! No, it's a record sleeve that looks like a giant matchbook! Fun packaging and three solid indie rock songs from Tsunami on this Simple Machines release from 1993.

Sample mp3: Tsunami - In a Name
Download all 3 songs here:

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Seam - Days of Thunder 7"

Seam's first single featured the lineup of frontman Sooyoung Park on guitar/vocals, Mergeman Mac McCaughan of Superchunk/Bricks on drums, and Lexi Mitchell on bass/vocals (featured here on the lovely "Which Way To Go"). Considered, moody, introspective indie rock from Chapel Hill (then Chicago). Released in 1991 on Homestead Records.

Side A mp3: Seam - Days of Thunder
Side B mp3: Seam - Grain
Side B mp3: Seam - Which Way To Go

Smog - Look Now/The Only Mother 7"

I have my wonderful wife to thank for this heartrending Smog single procured for a long-gone name day (or "birthday" as she would wish it). Two sadsack songs from Bill Callahan's sturdy songbook, released on Drag City in 1999.

Side A mp3: Smog - Look Now
Side B mp3: Smog - The Only Mother

The Spinanes - Suffice/Halloween Candy 7"

The Spinanes were a terrific guitar-and-drums two piece whose discography is consistent and underappreciated. "Suffice", on this 1992 single on Imp Records, nicely captures their catchy indie pop sound, while the Heliumy "Halloween Candy" highlights Rebecca Gates' considerable vocal talents.

Side A mp3: The Spinanes - Suffice
Side B mp3: The Spinanes - Halloween Candy

The Summer Hits - 1000 Moments of Natural Flotation 7"

I posted the B-side from this 1995 Silver Girl single before, but friend, you deserve the full meal deal. Ramshackle indienoisepop side project from members of Further (later Beachwood Sparks/The Tyde). One for all you hepcats who dig that crazy Henry's Dress sound.

Side A mp3: The Summer Hits - Laetitia
Side A mp3: The Summer Hits - Liftoff
Side B mp3: The Summer Hits - Mod Cinema

Sabine - A (Complete?) Discography

I hope Christopher (a.k.a. Chip, a.k.a. CP) Porter won't mind that I'm sharing my (complete?) set of Sabine singles with you this week. There's really nothing on the dang WWW about Sabine, which is appropriate for Sabine's otherwordly longing-and-lovely spacerock. In addition to escaping fame with Sabine, CP dodged the popularity bullet as a member of Veronica Lake, as the owner of Audrey's Diary, and as the editor of Emily's Hip Pocket zine...making him just the sort of unscathed Rambo record collectors like me like to whip out to try to wow a virtual crowd (three's a crowd, right you two?). Here's what goodies are in store for you:

Sabine's debut "Painting Portraits" from a 1991 split-flexi with Boyracer (Wurlitzer Jukebox) is an incredibly beautiful lost gem. Motifs of the Field Mice, Famous Boyfriend, set to a Casiotone (For The Painfully Alone) beat.

1993 also saw the release of "Kometen Melodies: A Compilation of Mellifluent Space Rock. Vol 1" on CP's own Audrey's Diary label. This 7" features four instrumentals: two from Sabine ("Marra" and "Meknes") and two from Thumbling (including the massively good "Butterfield Eight"). Shame this did not grow into a series.

The lone 1994 Sabine release was part of a special issue of CP's zine Emily's Hip Pocket (the 7th and last issue, and the first to feature a 7") released by Audrey's Diary. The issue consisted largely of interviews with Bark Psychosis and Labradford and the 7" featured the Veronica-Lake-styled "I'm Ready To Start Fire To Everything" from Sabine, a Buddha on the Moon tune, and the awesome "Reflections" by Jessamine.

The lone 1995 Sabine release was a cover of "Dancing Gods" for a Silver Apples 10" tribute (Enraptured Records) which also included covers by Flowchart, Scaredycat, Third Eye Foundation, and Windy & Carl. Only 1,000 copies were made and quickly sold. A CD version was subsequently released featuring more covers and more bands.

Finally, in 1996 Sabine (now a full band) finally got a slab of vinyl all to herself on their excellent "Serf to the Level of the Lord/A Rocket is a Drum" 7" (Wurlizter Jukebox).

Download the Sabine discography (including the other bands' songs from these releases!) here:

P.S. More S bands next week...if you have requests, talk to the S hand below.

The Ropers - Their three vinyl-only songs

Glad to fill this request. The Ropers were a terrific mid-90s indie pop band whose discography you can get to know here (this discography missed the cover of "Jumping Someone Else's Train" they did for a Cure tribute album that I'd love to hear hint hint post post link link in in comments comments). Two of their early 7"s were re-released on a self-titled CD EP (1994, Slumberland Records). They also released two full length albums: 1995's All The Time (which you can still buy from Slumberland Records), and 1997's The World on Fire (on Teenbeat Records, and is available for download on eMusic). Here are the last 6 songs (which you'll find in the archive link below):

...1 song on a split 7" with The Tribbles (1993, Brilliant Records)...

...1 song on a split 7" with Boyracer (1994, I Wish I Was A Slumberland Record)...

...2 songs on the Why Popstars Can't Dance 2 x LP compilation (1994, Slumberland Records; but both songs are also available on CD version of this compilation; note that the version of "Drive" is much different from the version on All The Time)...

...and 2 songs on the Revolver/Transparent Day 7" (1995, Slumberland Records; but "Revolver" is the same version found on All The Time)...

So, in total, it seems they only have 3 vinyl-only songs!

Download these 6 songs here: