Erectus Monotone - Cathode Gumshoe 7" EP

Early 5-song EP from short-lived cool-named avant-garde indie-rock band from Chapel Hill, NC. Released in 1991 on Merge Records. Not the highest batting average in the league, but when they hit full swing, they really belted it out of the park. And I don't enjoy baseball.

Sample mp3: Erectus Monotone - Old New
Entire EP:


chnkltgy said...

Come to think of it, post the "Ballard" 7" by Pure when you get around to P. That single was named for a buddy of mine here in town who became Pure's personal driver for a weekend back in '91.

sports.correspondent.johnny.bob(AT) said...

Yeah, I've got a serious love for those Chapel Hill 7"'s. Thanks for saving me the trouble of the rip on this one. Great work all around. Glad to have found you.