Henry's Dress/Flake 7"

Breakneck split 7" released on Omnibus Speedway Records in 1995. Y'all know nuff bout the Dress, but be sure to check out Fluke's Superchunked Butterglory too.

Side A mp3: Henry's Dress - All This Time For Nothing
Side B mp3: Flake - Deluca
Save me a shred o'bandwidth by downloading both songs here: http://www.zshare.net/download/61675746bf4ef5/


harold hollingsworth said...

nice to hear both, but man, that Henry's Dress puts a chill down my spine, I miss that feedback dearly!

happysoaps said...

great blog, thanks for the 7"s.

Anonymous said...

Flake (Music) definitely put out some great rawk toons in their day. It's pretty easy to see how the Shins evolved from this.

Jeremy said...

I know you don't do reposts, but perhaps we could work out a trade....
I've been looking for Henry's Dress's stumble and both sides of the split with Tiger Trap. If you would possibly consider reposting them or emailing me a link or something, I'd be happy to send you the Terra X compilation (assuming you don't have it) with HD's song "Pig".
Or, if anyone else out there has the files and would be willing to send them my way, I'd do the same for you.
Thank you!!!

Jeremy said...

oh, btw my email is theterribleoldman (at) gmail

Anonymous said...

I taped this off the radio, and reception was fair that day. KZSU is 500 watts, and I live about 10 miles away from the Stanford campus, so there's a little bit of static, which pretty much disappears when they're playing. I had to use rapidshare 'cause I just can't "deal" with zshare's hurdles, plus I hate googlesyndicate advertising. Enjoy!

Henry's Dress - 1994.01.26 KZSU 90.1 FM, Stanford University, Wednesday Night Live Session

01 Wednesday Night Live Theme
02 Sugarbowl
03 You Were
04 Stumble
05 1620
06 Pig
07 Sally Wants To
08 Three
09 Drift
10 Supercrush (Tiger Trap cover)
11 Tiger Trap - Alien Space Song (from Astronautical Music Festival 7")
12 Interview
13 Henry's Dress - Feathers (from Astronautical Music Festival 7")


mt.st.mtn. said...

holy shit, i put this out. one of the first vinyl releases i did when i was 18. thanks for posting this.