Lambchop/Spent 5"

Damn that i-Sore Records 5" record-of-the-month club. Paid for 12, only received the first 2. Still, it gave me the only pair of mega-wee records to be found in the whole damn discography. Lambchop rocks it a bit more than usual and to good effect, and Spent drops a peppy little indie popper.

Side A mp3: Lambchop - Scared Out Of My Shoes
Side B mp3: Spent - DressDownDay


tg said...

And I thought my Boyracer 5" was the only one out there. Anyone know of any other 5"ers?

Anonymous said...

I have the Boyracer one too, and one from Compulsion, "How Do I Breathe?"/"Ninefourth" and it's a picturedisc as well!
(9.30 MB)

Cool blog!

Anonymous said...

There's also an Edsel Auctioneer (Pale Saints offshoot) 5" released by Alias Records in 1995. Although the cover says "For promotional use only. Not for sale". A-side has "Stuntman" and B-side "Symmetry".

chnkltgy said...

Was there ever any closure as to the whole i-Sore 5" record rip off campaign? They did the first 2 singles and pocketed the rest of the money with not one iota of explanation. If I ever meet the guy that ran that label, I'll probably pop him in the neck.

Brushback said...

"And I thought my Boyracer 5" was the only one out there. Anyone know of any other 5"ers?"

Plenty of five-inchers came out in the nineties, especially of garage bands (the whole Estrus scene and all of that). There have even been 6" and 8" records.

In fact, there was a fanzine (Multiball) that was dedicated to reviewing just that: retro garage-rock 5" and 10" records and so forth.

Mathieu said...

Could you please re-post this?! I really want to hear that Spent song. I love that band, and sadly most of their 7''s are near-impossible to find!