Neutral Milk Hotel - Everything Is/Snow Song Pt. 1 7"

Drunken interviewer: Who are you?
Boy: A member of Kiss, or a punk rocker.
Drunken interviewer: What were you?
Boy: Which is kinda funny...yeah, I would dress up as a...punk rocker, but when I was, um, little...
Drunken interviewer: So what'd you do when you became a punk rocker?
Boy: A white trash band [laughs]

And then...a drumstick four count and one of the best fuzzy guitar riffs you are likely ever to hear kicks in. Don't you dare miss this glorious 1994 single on Cher Doll. The archive also contains two other early/rare NMH tracks: the mighty 7" version of "Up and Over We Go" from 1993's The Amazing Phantom Third Channel 7" Compilation, also on Cher Doll; and the yelpy "Ruddy Bulbs" from 1993's Those Pre-Phylloxera Years Compilation 7" on Box Dog Sound.

Sample mp3: Neutral Milk Hotel - Everything Is
Download all 4 songs here:


chnkltgy said...

For the record, the "drunken interviewer" is Jeff.

Anonymous said...

I think the kid's final comment is "I wore a trash bag." He ends it with a laugh, which kind of obscures it.


nancy said...

The "kid" I believe was actually Jeff's girlfriend Colby. On hindsight I don't really like the little soundbites that ended up on this record, it sounds so dated to me now. The original recording started with a drum intro which was replaced by the sound snippet for the master.