Purple Ivy Shadows - All 3 of their 7"s

Though they've been releasing well-received records since 1993, here's a band who've managed to remain enigmatic and encapsulated within the Purple Ivy Shadows of their own making (here's a link to one of their unmaintained/expired web pages). This Providence, Rhode Island collective straddled too many pigeonholes to find themselves bathed in any limelight. After all, how many shoegazey indie pop/rock/jazz alt-country bands do YOU know...and like? You can hear them metamorphosize from one mysterious genre to another across their three 7" singles: 1993's E.P. on My Pal God (less the jazzy song "e.h."), 1994's Circle Eye/Psychic Baby on Spin Art, and 1996's Feeble/Substance on Zero Hour. Their EPs and albums are also worth seeking out.

Sample mp3: Purple Ivy Shadows - Cascade

Sample mp3: Purple Ivy Shadows - Circle Eye

Sample mp3: Purple Ivy Shadows - Feeble

Download all three 7"s here: http://www.mediafire.com/?am0mmggjvaj


Mikee said...

I saw these guys perform a few times in the mid 90's in Providence. They were super cool cats. Too bad they never blew up. Circle Eye was on many a mixtape in that era. Fantastic stuff.

Mikee said...

BTW, the song you posted for circle eye is not actually circle eye. If I'm not mistaken, the labels were pressed wrong. The song you have posted is psychic baby.

shoegazer said...

on EP 3 tracks isnt?

Alexander said...

thank you!