Guided By Voices/The Grifters 7"

Four short snappers from GBV (Hey, Mr. Soundman; Announcers & Umpires; Evil Speaker B; Uncle Dave) and one potent potable from The Grifters (I'm Drunk) constitute this split 7" released on Chapel Hill's The Now Sound label in 1994. Is it just me, or does "Uncle Dave" sound exactly like another vintage GBV song?

Sample mp3: Guided By Voices - Hey, Mr. Soundman
Sample mp3: The Grifters - I'm Drunk
Download all 5 songs here:


jonderneathica said...

I'm Drunk = OMG great song

watsonmason said...

Thanks so much for posting this! I loved both of these bands in the 90s. GbV is still fairly easy to buy but the Grifters are getting near impossible to find anymore.