Lilys - Returns Every Morning/Touch the Water 7"

This terrific indie pop single came out on the UK's Che Records in 1996. I cherish everything Lilys released up to and including this and their other 1996 single, Which Studies The Past?, which I posted here last round. After these singles the Lilys got a bit spotty for me. Hmm. I also stopped buying vinyl around 1997...coincidence?

Side A mp3: Lilys - Returns Every Morning
Side B mp3: Lilys - Touch the Water


Anonymous said...

I bought this when it came out and it is indeed a great single, with a fine b-side. I never much liked what the Lilys recorded after that.

Mikey B said...
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Gunnar said...

Yeah man, I agree with you about the quality of lilys records after those singles. Although I did like "selected" and 3-way.

And btw, I'm on with Mike B. If you've got any lilys tracks you wanna send me, my email is "". I've got some mid 90s lilys radio sessions you might want to hear.