The Summer Hits - 1000 Moments of Natural Flotation 7"

I posted the B-side from this 1995 Silver Girl single before, but friend, you deserve the full meal deal. Ramshackle indienoisepop side project from members of Further (later Beachwood Sparks/The Tyde). One for all you hepcats who dig that crazy Henry's Dress sound.

Side A mp3: The Summer Hits - Laetitia
Side A mp3: The Summer Hits - Liftoff
Side B mp3: The Summer Hits - Mod Cinema


Anonymous said...


I have been looking for this band's stuff forever. Could you please please please post more (sweet vacuum cleaner etc.)?!?!?!

Thank you!!!

(sorry about all the exclamation points, I'm excited).

Anonymous said...

I remember Rex (S.Hits main man) fondly. Used to trip with him now & again durring uni breaks in LA. Haha, dude was always clad in impeccable vintage clothes (yrs b4 everyone else) & so nuts, yet composed, on speed & acid, really. I distinctly recall him calling his music "freaky bubblegum, not indie, chump!" Moved to Italy (or was it the Netherlands?), I hear.
Oh man, what a character. Hahaha!