Seam - Days of Thunder 7"

Seam's first single featured the lineup of frontman Sooyoung Park on guitar/vocals, Mergeman Mac McCaughan of Superchunk/Bricks on drums, and Lexi Mitchell on bass/vocals (featured here on the lovely "Which Way To Go"). Considered, moody, introspective indie rock from Chapel Hill (then Chicago). Released in 1991 on Homestead Records.

Side A mp3: Seam - Days of Thunder
Side B mp3: Seam - Grain
Side B mp3: Seam - Which Way To Go


Jamie said...

An amazing 7in. Probably my favourite thing Seam ever did. I especially love the Big Boys cover.

Kevin said...

Thanks for posting. Unfortunately I am getting the dreaded "bandwidth exceeded" message. Maybe I'll get another chance to d/l later?

Brushback said...

"Days of Thunder", cool song.