Teenbeat 100 7" Compilation

To mark Teenbeat's 100th release, Mark Robinson released Teenbeat 100, a 7" featuring 10 songs by 10 Teenbeat bands. Each song clocks in around the 1 minute mark. Fun indie pop songs make this more than a merely clever gimmick. Perfect mix tape endings.

Sample mp3: Blast Off Country Style - Wiener Dude Attitude
Sample mp3: Unrest - International Nautical Miles
Sample mp3: Bratmobile - There's No Other Way (Blur cover)
Download all 10 songs here: http://www.zshare.net/download/76851202a86b19/


Chris said...

Great, another piece of vinyl I have to track down.

Eric said...

i always enjoy your daily pick dudes. more power to you.