The Spinanes - Suffice/Halloween Candy 7"

The Spinanes were a terrific guitar-and-drums two piece whose discography is consistent and underappreciated. "Suffice", on this 1992 single on Imp Records, nicely captures their catchy indie pop sound, while the Heliumy "Halloween Candy" highlights Rebecca Gates' considerable vocal talents.

Side A mp3: The Spinanes - Suffice
Side B mp3: The Spinanes - Halloween Candy


LowOiL said...

Suffice was catchy enough to grab..

I put up an unknown mp3 on my site from an group that sounded so simular to "The cure" that it was eerie... Check it out if you get a chance.

BTW... you convinced me to start blogging.. thanks...

Kevin said...

I love the Spinanes. Rebecca Gates is still making some great music, usually backed by some wonderful Chicago musicians (Sea and Cake, Chicago Underground, Tortoise).

Thanks for posting this one

Unfortunately I can't download because of the bandwidth has gone over. Any chance you can upload elsewhere?

Thanks for the great work.