Sabine - A (Complete?) Discography

I hope Christopher (a.k.a. Chip, a.k.a. CP) Porter won't mind that I'm sharing my (complete?) set of Sabine singles with you this week. There's really nothing on the dang WWW about Sabine, which is appropriate for Sabine's otherwordly longing-and-lovely spacerock. In addition to escaping fame with Sabine, CP dodged the popularity bullet as a member of Veronica Lake, as the owner of Audrey's Diary, and as the editor of Emily's Hip Pocket zine...making him just the sort of unscathed Rambo record collectors like me like to whip out to try to wow a virtual crowd (three's a crowd, right you two?). Here's what goodies are in store for you:

Sabine's debut "Painting Portraits" from a 1991 split-flexi with Boyracer (Wurlitzer Jukebox) is an incredibly beautiful lost gem. Motifs of the Field Mice, Famous Boyfriend, set to a Casiotone (For The Painfully Alone) beat.

1993 also saw the release of "Kometen Melodies: A Compilation of Mellifluent Space Rock. Vol 1" on CP's own Audrey's Diary label. This 7" features four instrumentals: two from Sabine ("Marra" and "Meknes") and two from Thumbling (including the massively good "Butterfield Eight"). Shame this did not grow into a series.

The lone 1994 Sabine release was part of a special issue of CP's zine Emily's Hip Pocket (the 7th and last issue, and the first to feature a 7") released by Audrey's Diary. The issue consisted largely of interviews with Bark Psychosis and Labradford and the 7" featured the Veronica-Lake-styled "I'm Ready To Start Fire To Everything" from Sabine, a Buddha on the Moon tune, and the awesome "Reflections" by Jessamine.

The lone 1995 Sabine release was a cover of "Dancing Gods" for a Silver Apples 10" tribute (Enraptured Records) which also included covers by Flowchart, Scaredycat, Third Eye Foundation, and Windy & Carl. Only 1,000 copies were made and quickly sold. A CD version was subsequently released featuring more covers and more bands.

Finally, in 1996 Sabine (now a full band) finally got a slab of vinyl all to herself on their excellent "Serf to the Level of the Lord/A Rocket is a Drum" 7" (Wurlizter Jukebox).

Download the Sabine discography (including the other bands' songs from these releases!) here:

P.S. More S bands next week...if you have requests, talk to the S hand below.


CP said...

[Third time's a charm.]

Escaping fame the only way I know how -- by releasing my own music (aka Audrey's Tuneless Diary).

First of all, thank you. It's very nice to have this stuff digital styleee. I can now play it all for my baby boy when he gets old enough to ask, "Daddy, didn't they have autotuners when you were making music?"

The only thing I can think of that's missing -- off the top of my head, anyway -- is the self-titled full-length CD we did for Wurlitzer Jukebox (aka the last thing the label released, aka the nail in the coffin, aka I have at least 300 of the 500 discs pressed gathering dust in my basement).

Side note: Pam Berry & I also did a flexi single for Wurlitzer -- maybe as Belmondo? and maybe it was a split with Helen Love? -- and it was the last flexi disc to be pressed in England. EVER.

That's right: I helped put an entire record company out of business -- as well as an entire format!

G said...

Cool...I had no idea Sabine released a full CD. Now that you've told me, I was able to find a review of it here:

[Guess I better edit my post and take out the "not on CD" bit.]

If you're willing to part with one of your 300 copies, please post an address and $ (with shipping to Canada) or an email contact. Maybe others will follow suit and you can make enough room and $ for a foosball table!


Anonymous said...

I'd love to buy a copy of that cd too; so far I only had copies of the Boyracer split flexi and the Kometen compilation.

CP said...


Send me an e-mail with your addresses.

cp [at] christopherporter [dot] com

LowOiL said...

I have bookmarked this blog. I had gave up on good music existing beyond the 80's, but some of this stuff is so surreal beautiful that I may have to change this old dog's opinion.

Anonymous said...

That Silver Apple Tribute record would be a nice to share too.

Anonymous said...

Oww... It's already in the zip file. My bad. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

No.. not complete.. 6 tracks missing. Can you upload the complete album? Or the vinyl edition has only 5 tracks? Strange...