YSKOD Contest 3: The Szabo Prizepack

How'd you like to own a copy of all four of the following Mark Szabo rarities?

1. Good Horsey - Kazue CD (Trackshun Industries, 1994)
- their wonderful lone full length, featured earlier on YSKOD

2. Mark Szabo - Chocolate Covered Bad Things CD (Catsup Plate recordings, 1999)
- I don't have the sleeve for this copy (got it for $2.99 from CD BBQ), but here's a 17-song CD by Mark, limited to 1,000 copies

3. Evading the Devil's Darts 7" compilation featuring Will Simmons, Charlie McAlister, Mean Spirit'd Robots, Yak Brigade, Mark Szabo, Edith Presler, and Doormouse (Catsup Plate Recordings, 2000)
- only 500 copies were pressed and packaged in handmade sleeves
- includes "Love Outside Movies" by Mark Szabo, which was covered on Heartbreak Scene's "The Szabo Songbook" CD

4. Cappozi Park - The Record of Capozzi Park CD (Blue Curtain, 2000)
- this copy is still sealed! 11 Mark Szabo creations, including a Gang of Four cover and a 34 minute epic song! this was the last recorded output by Mark, to my knowledge...

Leave your email address in a comment and tell us something about Mark and/or his side projects, or why you think you oughta get The Szabo Prizepack. I'll pick the winner when we get to the end of the alphabet.


Eel O'Brien said...

i dont want to win the prizepack since i have it all except for the 7 inch. I just wanted to chime in to say Mark Szabo is one of my absolute favorite musicians and songwriters with an impeccable wit and ability to craft amazing music. my only complaint about him is that there are not enough cdrs, cds and vinyl put out by him.

Anonymous said...

i grew up in vancouver, remember listening to the first Horsey cassette, blew me away. i have never won the lottery, i'm hoping i'll win this just by the law of averages.

M Guy said...

Found out about Szabo from your blog. Have loved everything you posted. went out and got Chocolate Covered Bad Things but have had trouble tracking down the rest. Thanks for the intro. vastandgrand@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Dude I have had your blog on my favorites list for over a year, I have check for new music every week, discovered so much new music including all of Mr Szabo's work, thank you. I would be so grateful if I were get this collection. And I would not sell it on ebay.

G said...

OK, this contest is closed! I've decided that since only three of you entered, you should each win one item. This way nobody loses. I'll email each of you to get a ranked list of your picks, and I'll figure out who to send what and where I should mail the goodies. Thanks for entering! You're each in for a treat...