Lilys - A Brief History of Amazing Letdowns 10" EP

Stunning 6-song EP by a band (Kurt Heasley) at the absolute height of their (his) powers. "Ginger" was one of the first indie rock songs to be used in a commercial (if you're feeling rank, Calvin Klein's CK-1 was the product...). Like most of the Lilys best releases, this isn't available on eMusic or iTunes, and it doesn't seem to be available on many blogs (or perhaps I haven't found the right ones). Released in 1994 on Spin Art and deserving of reissue.

Sample mp3: Lilys - Any Place I've Lived


Claire said...

from the lilys myspace recently:

“To those who have written requesting information on how to obtain a copy of the 1994 Lilys CD “Eccsame the Photon Band”, We have about a dozen copies of the CD “Eccsame the Photon Band”
for sale. The label that originally issued the album has gone out of business and has some how managed to take the rights and masters for the first 3 Lilys album
s down with it. As far as we know, these are last unopened hard copies of this cd available for purchase.”

so you are doing the world a tremendous public service!!

of course i still have my original copy...

Jay Breitling said...

This has been my favorite CD since it has been released, and I am always hoping to stumble across a vinyl copy someday. Kudos.

brad said...

can you by chance re post the orifice 7'' this is the only blog i have ever seen any thing by them on,i have an old 2nd generation copy of one of their demos i got while on tour with my band i 1988 and have kept it all this time i never knew they had released any thing else.

Anonymous said...

ginger is the tops.
kurt is the man..

/////// . said...

Lilys set from ATP 2008.