Mark Szabo - Regressing (cassette)

Well, if you don't win The Szabo Prizepack, you can at least take away the consolation prize...mp3 versions of all 13 songs on Mark Szabo's second tape, Regressing, released on Union Pole in 1994. Includes early versions of Pink Pages and Daytime Emmy, plus the wonderful Stringing You Along. If anyone out there is able to post a link to the songs on Mark's first tape, I'd sure be grateful.

Sample mp3: Mark - Stringing You Along
Full download:

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Scott said...

Hi. I'm the guy who put out the Heartbreak Scene album -- I have a ton of old Mark mp3's I could send you, or I could make a CD. Been very grateful for these posts. I hadn't heard a lot of that Good Horsey stuff. Email me at and I'll hook you up...