Loop - The World In Your Eyes CD

If for some unknowable reason you don't have this Loop album, and the other handful of Loop albums, here's your chance to begin to make amends. Loop released both "The World In Your Eyes" and "Heaven's End" in 1987 and although both are spacey drone rock classics to be revered, to be sure, I particularly enjoy the sonic variety on this compilation ("Brittle Head Girl" and "Burning Prisma" are simply [inter]stellar). But...1988's "Fade Out" is by far and away their most mind-blowing sonic workout. I can't hear the opening of "Pulse" without getting goosebumps and hearing my inner voice say "Oh maaaaaan". Still...I'm posting this album because I run into it less often in bloggoworld. Check out a detailed Loop discography here. My version of this CD was released on Loop's own Reactor Records label. I read an article in which Robert Hampson said he was thinking about reissuing all the Loop albums at their 20th anniversaries. Perhaps he changed his mind. Pity.

Here's a great quote about Loop from the CBC's Brave New Waves profile of Loop from April 17, 1993 (which I recently converted from tape to mp3): "Loop stands for fetishistic fascination with dense walls of texture and trademark one part songs. Songs whose internal logic is based on mood and shift, and songs that, generally, require a fade out. Loop forbids solos of any kind. Loop are to music what the never ending, always changing Mandelbrot set is to quantum physics. This is a Croydon based quartet...destined I guess to be appreciated only in their absence. Dug up maybe in a decade or two and revealed to a new audience who may wonder where the hell they came from and why no one ever heard of them." Word. Soundheads can download the entire profile here.

Album download: http://www.zshare.net/download/113167082acd8cf7/


Mogwaione said...

More Loop please, so damn good

Anonymous said...

Just saw this, and I love your blog title. Very creative, and what an amazing book. Big ups.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, and extra points for throwing in the Brave New Waves profile. I f'n miss that show..

Anonymous said...

i hate to ask, but is there any way you could upload this to another server (rapidshare, etc.)

ZShare just keeps re-freshing to page when it's done counting down. i click on "download here" and it just starts the countdown again.

i would love to hear this album. :(

Anonymous said...

Check this out!


Pius said...

I'd love to hear that BNW profile of Loop if there's any chance you could re-up it? Thanks a ton.