Kepler - Fuck Fight Fail CD

Under appreciated band from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, who broke up in 2006. FFF is more consistently pleasing than their 1999 EP "This Heart is Painted On", but musicianshipwise, they hit full stride on 2001's full lengther "Missionless Days". FFF is no slouch, mind. It's a solid effort that should appeal to fans of Trees-lounge-soundtrack-era Hayden, Slint, Mogwai, and Hypatia Lake, who enjoy hushed (but worth trying to make out) vocals, plenty of bass, and quiet-loud-quiet rocksercise ("The Changing Light At Sandover" is a great example of all of the above). Released in 2000 on Troubleman Unlimited.

Sample mp3: Kepler - The Way You Fall Apart

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