The Dudes - This Guy's The Limit CD

Yeah, we smoke more drugs than fat girls would, if fat girls could smoke pudding.
- The Dudes ("Sundays")

Winnipeg, Victoria, Calgary...the wee arc of my Western Canadian life brings us to The Dudes, whose timeless debut album demands an exception to my pre-2000 rule. "This Guy's The Limit" (a mondegreen you'll appreciate if you try telling someone about this album...which you should) was recorded at least in part in the kitchen of "Rock Central", a grand old house in Calgary's Victoria Park seedy/industrial core that was home to many local musicians and host to many free SPAM and pancake and backyard concert Stampede Breakfast extravaganzas. The CD was self-released in 2002 on Moustache Wax Records. You shall find a willing slot for it between your "Early Mouse" and "Jr". You shall note that The Dudes are funny and charming, but the most important fact about them will be self-evident: They rock. Rock Central was recently torn down in Calgary's quest for 100% gentrification. It's been a while since I've seen the Dude Bombs, those blimpheaded do-gooders who join the band on stage for a few minutes of crowd riling per show, but according to their website, they're still active. So, if you like this album, be sure to track down 2003's Beepuncher EP and 2006's Brain Heart Guitar full-length to hear more Dudes songs plus reworkings of some of these Calgary Classics.

Sample mp3: The Dudes - Release the Daughters
Full download:


Anonymous said...

Your geographical location astounds me. The Dudes certainly pass through Edmonton on occasion. I've frequented your blog for several months, and I can recommend with a degree of certainty the Edmonton bands: the bummers and brazilville.

Devin said...

As a Calgarian, I'd like to mention that the "dude bomb" still pops up - I last saw the Dudes do a live gig over a year ago, mind you, but it was there. Once again I'm surprised to see this album (I was pretty sure the only copy I'd ever see was in the CJSW library).

Anonymous said...

The Dudes are the best band to come from Western Canada in my lifetime (roughly 22 years). Ive been seeing them live since 2000 and have never gotten sick of them. I see them live whenever I have the chance.