Dixie's Death Pool - Beauty Sleep CD

In 1995 I left Winnipeg for Victoria, British Columbia on Vancouver Island. A generous trade. The Victoria music scene was surprisingly vibrant for a city of 300,000...particularly in the alt-country vein. One of the biggest buzzes was Dixie's Death Pool, a fairly aptly named band, led by the oft-mother-of-pearl buttoned scenester Lee Hutzulak. DDP shows at Thursday's pub were always filled with anticipation as the band took forever to set up their gear and then took forever to take the stage. Truth be told, I found DDP a rather frustrating band to listen to live. Just when a song finally started building into something wonderful it would derail into an abstract oblivion and never return. I imagine that was entirely the point, but after too many teases I find I tend toward teleology. When they finally got around to settling on versions of their songs for their self-released 1999 debut album "Beauty Sleep" I was anticipating something magical. I was disappointed again. Lots of interesting spooky/cool moments and well worth a listen, but too many of the songs fall apart without creating the desired "sinister buzz." Let me know if you think I missed the deep end of this pool.

Sample mp3: Dixie's Death Pool - The Sinister Buzz
Full download: http://www.mediafire.com/?dxmbzbzmgrz

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Lee said...

Check out some new tracks at myspace.com/dixiesdeathpool

Scarlet Lake might be more of interest to you if you like the something wonderful more than the oblivion.