Charalambides - Union LP

Only 500 copies of Charalambides' debut LP were released on Siltbreeze in 1994. According to one interview with Tom and Christina Carter it was never re-released on vinyl or CD because the master tapes were lost. The music and the handmade sleeves are both wonderful works of folk art. There was no insert with my copy at least, and no information other than the song titles on the back cover. Perfect; that's all I needed to know. The album opens with my favourite Charalambides song--Florian--11+ minutes of shimmering, gentle waves of distorted guitar that, more than almost any other song in my discography, warrants use of the word "transcendent". A brief reprise of the same song completes this Union. In between you'll find five unique and original indie-folk songs perfect for listening to as you watch dust motes drifting across a sunny room, curtains curling near an open window, the cat licking its paws. Time doesn't so much stand still as it ceases to be relevant while the tone arm eases its way across this lovely artifact.

Sample mp3: Charalambides - Florian (Reprise)
Full download:


M. Piedlourde said...

Great uploads this week. Saves me a ton of work ripping my own vinyl (Cannanes & Market Sq). Thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks! This is a great upload. Been looking for more of Ms. Carter for a while.

chnkltgy said...

Such a great album! I wish I didn't sell it when I was broke in the late 90's. They were on tour with Harry Pussy when I bought my copy. Hey! I'm old!