Analogue - 5 Demos

Back in the day, a guy in Chapel Hill made me a swell mix tape of North Carolina bands (including Kitchen Puff's Polvo double 7") just cos. Gosh that was nice of him. And all he got out of it was spreading good music around. Imagine! Just ahead of Polvo he taped me 5 demo songs from his own band, Analogue. I told him I really liked his band, and fortunately it was not a lie. Concrete indie rock tripping over loose Pavement. "Bleacher" bemuses my inner thrasher, but "Croon", "Technical Serv.", "Endurance Test", and "Pets de Westlake" (which opens with some decent coughing) are original and compelling. Analogue went on to release at least one 7" record (previously featured here). These are the only demos I plan to post on YSKOD, so humour me and give them a demo, won't you?

Sample mp3: Analogue - Endurance Test (Demo)
Full download:

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