Analogue - Christmas

Here's a festive slow-burner by Analogue from North Carolina, from the B-side of their Average Luck Charm 7" that was released on Sonic Bubblegum Records in 1995 (Gum 020).

Side B - Analogue - Christmas [3 stars mp3]

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The Hifi Envelope said...

I don't know if you have it or not, but Analogue also were on a split with Cruise Control Pills(one of the best indie rock bands that never was!!)on the Sit-N-Spin label out of WIlmington, NC. An artefact that is certainly worth seeking out. Analogue also released a full length cd that was pretty unimpressive, like Tortoise light with really mediocre playing/songs, but the song on the aforementioned single is really amazing!