Blaise Pascal - E-Filter CD EP/Foreword CD

Man is equally incapable of seeing the nothingness from which he emerges and the infinity in which he is engulfed. - Blaise Pascal

Damn that's good. So's this. The other Blaise Pascal--the one-time Vancouver-based indie rock band--showed lots of promise on these two self-released CDs (5-song EP from 1993, 8-song mini-LP from 1994), but they quickly faded from obscurity into further obscurity. Speaking of which, they sound kinda like a seriouser Further...or a moodier Pavement.

Full download (both CDs):

P.S. They were also included on the "A Day In The Park" compilation I posted last week.


Jamie said...

I remember seeing them play at a crappy local rocker bar and the dj/announcer shouting "give it up for the Blaaaaaise Passsss Cal!!!"

Anonymous said...

wow - what a past blast.... strange what you hit when at work bored and technosurfing. i remember playing crappy local rock bars, but that annoncment - don't remember. coulda been before after my time?

(ex blaise drummer) -marcel

Anonymous said...

can you repost these mate? been dying to hear them again since there release, cheers