Wingtip Sloat/YSKOD Contest #2

One of the indie rock bands I've most enjoyed rediscovering through this blog is Virginia's Wingtip Sloat. I loved their shambollingly rollickingly good double 7" Half Past I've Got so much that at the time I picked up a second copy as a backup. Now that I've converted them all to mp3, I've got an extra copy on my hands. More on that below. And, now that I've converted them all to mp3, I have discovered that VHF records, who co-released and distributed much of WS's oeuvre, have just released a 30 song WS compilation, Add This To Rhetoric, on CD for only 10 bucks. So, rather than posting their hand-made oddball-packaged out-of-print singles here in their entirety, I'm going to share a few of my favourite songs, and recommend that you do yourself a favour and shell out a sawbuck to get all 30 songs in their restored digitized glory. I just ordered one from VHF myself, here. For a swell WS discography and biography with reviews, check out the Trouser Press article here.

Here are two songs from 1992's M31 7" EP (Sweet Portable You 003) that show off the Sloat's lo-fi hip hook chops.

Side A mp3: Wingtip Sloat - M31
Side B mp3: Wingtip Sloat - Blessed Nimbus, Churning

Here are two songs from 1992's 13-song double-7" release Half Past I've Got (VHF 2/Sweet Portable Junket 8): an instrumental (give it 30 seconds to warm up) and one of their only acoustic ballady type songs.

Side A mp3: Wingtip Sloat - Mass Fucking in the Haystacks
Side A mp3: Wingtip Sloat - It Reminds Me

And here is a fine song from 1994's Return of the Night of the Ardent Straglller 7" EP (VHF Records 10/Sweet Portable You 11).

Side A mp3: Wingtip Sloat - Beauty

YSKOD Contest #2

If you would like to own your very own copy of Wingtip Sloat's Half Past I've Got, then this is the contest for you! The first person to post correct answers to these two questions in the comment section of this post is the winner.

1) Songs from what two other bands' VHF releases have appeared on YSKOD?
2) Whence did this blog take its name?


The Gosub Routine said...

1-'Trail of the living dead' are the band that you named the blog by.

2-...i'll try and get back to you on that..soon..


Anonymous said...

I will give you a hint Baz - the blog is named after a quite excellent book by Dave Eggers.

Kristen said...

Wow...this blog is like taking a guided tour through my own record collection.

Good work!

Now, your answers...

1)Flying Saucer Attack & Doldrums
2)Your blog's name comes from "You shall know our velocity" by Dave Eggers

G said... win! I'm relieved! Now all I need is either your address or an email address that I can write to you to get your address and I'll mail out your prize.

Thanks for the feedback.


G said...


I still need your address. If I don't hear from you by the end of the year, I'm gonna post a new contest Q here and re-gift it. If you don't want the prize, no problem, just let me know!