Versus - Bright Light/Forest Fire 7"

This weekly trip down Reminiscence Boulevard has turned up some surprising subjective flippage and floppage. Keep in mind I haven't listened to many of these singles in a decade. Sometimes I expect to feel meh-ness for a single I used to feel meh-ness for but wind up loving it. Often I expect to love a single I used to love and hey, I do. I expected to love hearing this 7" again, but found myself underwhelmed (I still love "TinFoil Star" from the Working Holiday single-of-the-month on Simple Machines though). Am I a moody bastard? Does the single not hold up? Am I out to lunch now? Was I out to lunch then? These are the riddles a USB turntable owner must ponder with each revolution of the steel wheel. This came out on Pop Narcotic in 1992.

Side A mp3: Versus - Bright Light
Side A mp3: Versus - Forest Fire


tc said...

any chance you could repost the Air Miami "airplane rider" 7"?

The Gosub Routine said...

i like this band.


P.S:-I have their 'Secret Swingers' CD, if you haven't got it?...Wannit?...