Working Holiday Series

I was too late to become one of the 633 official members of this "singles club", but with some effort I managed to collect all 12 of the Working Holiday Series released monthly on Simple Machines in 1993 (they sold an extra 1200 per month to non-subscribers). Subscribers got some other nifty gifts, including a calendar, a storage box, a birthday gift, and an invitation to hear most of the bands play at a special 3-day concert to celebrate the completion of the series. I didn't get these bonuses but what I did get from this collection was: Hooked on indie pop/rock for life. I'm not a big fan of the word gets sprayed around too much, but this series was a big deal to a few impressionable young folks like me (then, not now). I've posted a few songs from the series on YSKOD already, so I thought I'd post four "fresh" ones that I still like a lot. Not to deny you the satiety of the full meal deal, I've included a link at the bottom to archives that contain all 25 songs (sorry I haven't figured out an easy way to create .rar archives on my Mac yet).

Here is a rundown of the series:
January - Scrawl/Versus
Februrary - The Tinklers/Lungfish
March - Codeine/The Coctails
April - Eggs/Jonny Cohen and the Shoe Trees
May - Bratmobile/Veronica Lake
June - My Dad Is Dead/Rastro
July - Nothing Painted Blue/Lois
August - Small Factory/Tsunami
September - Jawbox/Crackerbash
October - The Grifters/Crain
November - Pitchblende/Swirlies
December - Superchunk/Caterpillar

You can read more about the series at the Simple Machines website here. Indeed, it looks like the CD compilation may still available for purchase, although you'll miss out on all the cracks and pops (and some cash) that way. And I know you're here for those cracks and pops and that you need all your cash for crack and pop.

April mp3: Jonny Cohen and The Shoe Trees - Addicted to Chapstick

June mp3: Rastro - Kiss Me

August mp3: Small Factory - If You Hurt Me

November mp3: Swirlies - Trudy

The January to June singles can be downloaded here.
The July to December singles can be downloaded here.
UPDATE: I forgot to include the October single in the archives, so here are the missing tracks.
October mp3: The Grifters - Under the Ground
October mp3: Crain - Coalmine #666


The Gosub Routine said...

Many thanks!

There's some names on here I remember from when I used to listen the John Peel Show.

I was secretly hoping the Codeine track was one that wasn't on any Lp's, but..nevermind.

'My Dad is Dead' always struck me as one of those most depressing band names ever conceived.

the arcane model said...

oh my gosh!

if memory serves i randomly got the working holiday live cd at the indie rock flea market in dc when i was a wee young thing. . .on one song, the guy from rodan chastises a too-polite audience for acting like they are at a "peabo bryson concert." classic.

cvillefop said...

Delighted to see your MP3s---I listen to Swirlies and Small Factory/Halo Bit/Godrays obsessively. Just bought a Johnny Cohen and the someones vinyl 12" this wknd.

Any idea if the Alex Kemp Solo Album was any good---or if they've done anything else since, solo or as one of the above groups?

Also, I'd heard that Swirlies did another project after they split up, but could never find them or the name of it--any recommends for solo stuff from the members or the name of the subsequent group?

The Gosub Routine said...

swirlies done an LP called 'cats of the wild' which i have on CD.

Seana Carmody (the 1st female vocalist) done an LP titled 'struts and shocks' which i have as well.

I couls put it up at some stage, but if someone else has them, plus better connection speeds than me, than that would be ideal.

tg said...

Awww. No October? You're gonna make me go dig up my own copy when I want to listen to it? : p

pixelife said...

I was 16 or 17 when this was all happening have the whole set from back then and even managed to go to the gig in DC during a major snowstorm. Amazing! Swirlies kids became good friends as well as a Pitchblender. So classic!