The Tribbles- Split 7" with The Ropers

I've posted The Ropers' lovely contribution to this split 7" before, but The Tribbles side is no slouch. Two solid indie pop songs here, from this mysterious band who I otherwise know zilch about. Released on Brilliant Records in 1994.

Side B mp3: The Tribbles - Mercury
Side B mp3: The Tribbles - Liberty 5-3000


oli said...

I loved The Ropers. Could you also re-post their songs? Please please ...

armenianthunder said...

Ok, fine, no reposts, a man must stick to his principles, but please in the name of all that is holy, point me in the direction of someone or something that might be willing to barter for a copy of the Ropers "All The Time" CD, or corresponding mp3s, music which is rarer than any devout indie fan who lost his copy might ever have believed.

G said...

Hi there,

In the name of all that is holy, I will repost the 2 Ropers songs I have on vinyl next round, when I get to R!


直也 said...


both of their tracks here are supurb! So pop and noisy - I love it!

By the way, I missed the Ropers's song on this LP... can you upload again...??