Twitch Hazel - split "Kramer's Beach" double 7" with Technical Jed

In my books, this "pre-Fudge artifact" is tastier than the real deal. The band struck a real nice balance between pop and rock, and these songs still sound fresh to me, even though this double 7" (split with Technical Jed) was released on Brilliant Records back in 1993.

Side A mp3: Twitch Hazel - Nowhere
Side A mp3: Twitch Hazel - Chilled
Side B mp3: Twitch Hazel - Believe
Side B mp3: Twitch Hazel - Mention


jbreitling said...

Awesome. Two of these tracks were apparently written by Lilys' Kurt Heasley, and I've been looking for them for a few years. Thanks again.

直也 said...

I actually have this awesome immortal double 7" presented by Mr. Kramer... it's my treasure.

I love this Twitch Hazel's tracks as well as Technical Jed's ones! Especially their B-side called "What"... You will someday soon upload this song here... right? Very very hopefully...

larry said...

just discovered this say it's great would be a terrific understatement. this is pre-fudge?! any chance of a re-up?