Toshack Highway - Syd's Eyes/Silver Freight Train 7"

Here's the only 7" single I've purchased in the last few years, from the good folks at Tonevendor. This Adam Franklin post-Swervedriver project has not been as consistent or as exciting as his former band, although Silver Freight Train is really very good (and Adam remains a consummate musician). So I've been thrilled to read grindings in the bloggosphere rumour mill of late regarding a possible Swervedriver reunion. Frankly, I eked myself out of all the anticipation I had mustered regarding a possible new MBV album a decade ago. So, I'm pinning my hopes on this Swervedriver rumour now, and also on the band taking things in more of a Raise than a Mezcal Head direction (my bias). Till answers emerge, here are both songs from this 2006 record released in limited quantities on Black Mountain Music.

Side A mp3: Toshack Highway - Syd's Eyes
Side B mp3: Toshack Highway - Silver Freight Train

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