Slowdive - Beach Song/Take Me Down 7" flexi

No! I'm not really strong! It's a flexi disc! Now don't you feel foolish. There are only 3 flexis in YSKO's D and this one is the belle of the blog. Released on Sunday Records in 1990.

Side A mp3: Slowdive - Beach Song
Side B mp3: Slowdive - Take Me Down


Jon said...

Would you happen to have anymore information on the band Fudge you posted awhile back?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jon,

I've posted pre-Fudge stuff by Twitch Hazel on YSKOD before, and I can post Fudge's Bomp Pop 7" EP next round. They got signed to Caroline Records soon after that and I didn't much like their debut album "The Ferocious Rhythm of Precise Laziness" (or its horrible, horrible name). A quick Google search turned up a blog with two historical posts created in 2004...worth checking out:
- G

Bushwick is Beautiful said...

oooh thank you thank you for this!

The Gosub Routine said...

classic stuff!

Have you tried here for other Slowdive stuff?: