Silver Jews - A Dime Map of the Reef 7" EP

Released on Drag City in 1992, here is D.C. Berman's debut. I seem to recall rumours that this was really Pavement in disguise, due to Steve Malkmus' salient presence throughout. Berman and Malkmus seem to be channeling the ghost of the impossible-to-kill Bob Pollard at times here, and to excellent effect. Lo-fidelity but not lo-quality, I highly recommend this EP. I'm just posting The Walnut Falcon mp3 to whet your appetites, but you can download the whole set of 5 songs via the archive link below.

Side A mp3: Silver Jews - The Walnut Falcon

Download all 5 songs in a zShare archive here.


The Gosub Routine said...

nice one!

batbird said...


highdensityheadache said...

i recently obtained a copy of the "unexplained tape" which explains much of where the 1st 7" and cd came from. which is in fact my absolute favorite silver jews recordings ever. so when is the delux edition coming out anyway?

also got a two bootlegs of early eric gaffney recordings that i guy i know got from a guy who got the tape from his brother who got it from eric himself wayback in the day. total classic!!
this shit should be mmore readily available for purchase. the freed man reissue was a good start. everybody wants this stuff, but it is nearly impossible to actually GET IT

Anonymous said...

Zshare. ARGH!!