Liechtenstein Girl - Circus Exhibit 7"

Holy Moses, what a racket! Five short, sharp, shocking songs stuffed down the throat of a one-sided 7" released on Fluff Records in 1993, at 45 RPM no less. Kinda makes Flying Saucer Attack sound like a tiring walk in a pleasant pastoral park by comparison. If you like noisy Hood, and "difficult music" in general, then this will be your cuppa rosy lea. If not, run away! Run away dammit!

Side A mp3: Liechtenstein Girl - It Helps Me Think
Side A mp3: Liechtenstein Girl - Hitch
Side A mp3: Liechtenstein Girl - Upside Down House
Side A mp3: Liechtenstein Girl - Maunder
Side A mp3: Liechtenstein Girl - Maintenant (Sun City Girls cover)

This record came with two very carefully gridded for UK's Wireless Toothache:

...and one very scribbled for Bellingham Washington's Gritty Kitty:

Funny that two such different distributors both distributed the same Liechtenstein Girl single. I guess it really does take all kinds. Like you, for instance.


Anonymous said...

I taped 'maundy' off john peel years ago. great song.
Thanks for all the obscure but cool stuff

Anonymous said...

'maunder',i mean

daily bread said...

the tracklisting is wrong... the upside down house track is called 'maintenant' which was originally recorded by upside down house. 2). the sun city girls song is a cover of the sun city girls track 'mama's milk (too dry)'...
there is also an album by this band called 'hocus flametrick'. roughly, only 50 copies exist after the people at Fluff Records set fire to all their back catalogue... the LP is in the same style of the 45...