Lilys - Which Studies the Past? 7"

You have to respect Kurt Heasley's chameleon-like skill for tasty reinvention. The Lilys started out shoegazing away, and doing a damn fine job of it (In The Presence of Nothing LP), before shifting into a wonderful indie rock band (Eccsame the Photon Band LP, and the A Brief History of Amazing Letdowns EP), before metamorphosing into the wonderful retro-ish indie pop band featured here on a Sub Pop single released in 1996. These great songs apparently have yet to be compiled elsewhere.

Side A mp3: Lilys - Welfare Murder Plot
Side B mp3: Lilys - Baby's A Dealer


Claire said...

argh! thank you again! if i had any smarts i would have taken better care of this single, at least. the lilys were and are one of my favorite bands, and i was missing these songs!

now k. heasley is planning a career in international tax law, no joke. but how i know that is a boring story for another day.

Anonymous said...

Baby's a Dealer is the best song ever.