The Justines - Worry

Mike Schulman of the mighty Slumberland Records released the Why Popstars Can't Dance double LP in 1994. It features 17 bands, typically 2 songs per band. It's an indie-star-studded cast too: Honeybunch, The Artisans, Rocketship, The Steamkings, Stereolab, Lorelei, Hood, Boyracer, Henry's Dress, The Ropers, Linda Smith, Magpies, glo-worm, Jupiter Sun, The Justines, Jane Pow, and St. Christopher. Many of the songs appear on other releases by the bands, but if memory serves (it often serves up errors, mind) the vinyl version contains more bands/songs than the CD version. Any verifiers? There are 2 J-bands on the roster here, but although I like some Jane Pow songs, "Reorganise" is not among them, so I'm just going to share The Justines' indie-pop-with-strings contribution with you this week. Man, this band sounds a lot like The Ropers. Like identical. They must share a band member, at least.

Side A mp3: The Justines - Worry


CLAIRE said...

i believe you're right. i have the cd and this song is not on there. great compilation, though.

Anonymous said...

The vinyl edition includes...

B05 Hood - Norfolk
B06 Hood - Summer's Last Annual
C01 Henry's Dress - You Killed A Boy For Me
C02 Henry's Dress - Sally Wants (Why Popstars Can't Dance Version)*
C07 Magpies - I Want A Love I Can See (Why Popstars Can't Dance Version)+
D05 Justines - Worry
D07 St. Christopher - Snowing On The Moon (Radio France Session)
D08 St. Christopher - The Last Laugh (Radio France Session)

*not the same version on their self-titled CD.

+not the same version on the I Wish I Was A Slumberland Record split flexidisc with Rose Melberg.