Joby's Opinion - from I Have A Book 7" EP

Around the time I started collecting these records was around the time that email first became available to university/college students. I became a fan of the Chapel Hill music scene, and I found myself emailing with a number of folks from Chapel Hill via discussion lists and record trading lists like indie-list eXchange which died in 1998 after years of serving its noble purpose. This 7", by Joby's Opinion, is decent college-damaged indie rock, but it is distinguished by being one of the few records I have that includes an email contact on the sleeve insert. Indie rockers were not thinking long term though: The email address is a long-expired college email account. The band members are probably all chemists or lawyers by now, which may be for the best. I'm including my preferred half of this EP, released on Chapel Hill's Friction Media label late in 1994.

Side A mp3: Joby's Opinion - Slag Off
Side B mp3: Joby's Opinion - Chinese Jet Pilot


chnkltgy said...

These guys played my living room TWICE. So damned good!

Barry said...

Good call on the chemists and lawyers forecast, I think at least two are in the legal profession. Mild embarrassment was had when the band realized "Chinese Jet Pilot" had unwittingly been derived from Gang of Four's "Ether."